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Damaged Heart
A guy with a broken everything
Oh God, I am so in love with her.
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But she’s too afraid of another guy breaking her again so she’s pushing you away.

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Anonymous said:
Nag deactivate ka these past few days?

I can’t remember the date exactly but yeah. :)

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heeeymich said:
Huhu thank you po sa pag follow. Natuwa po talaga ako. :3

Hahaha. Hi Mich. Sorry kakabalik ko lang, wala pa nga masyadong napafollow eh. :))

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And you never came back.
Five Word Tragedy    
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You are more home than
the house I live in.
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Anonymous said:
Fav part of sex?


the intimacy, i mean it’s the only thing that totally connects you to another person and i think to share that with someone is really special because of the trust and pleasure involved 

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Don’t live a false reality through social media that portrays a ‘you’ that isn’t really you. Be who you really are.

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